~132 Acres, 5-Stall Front Barn, 12-Stall Mare Motel, 4-Stall Stud Barn, Vet Room w/Stocks, Organic Coastal Bermuda Pastures, Sandy Loam

~132 Acres, 5-Stall Front Barn, 12-Stall Mare Motel, 4-Stall Stud Barn, Vet Room w/Stocks, Organic Coastal Bermuda Pastures, Sandy Loam

• 1/4 Mile off Texas State Highway 19, close to highway but far enough for privacy & peaceful living
• Paved road in front (north) of the property and small county road on east side
• Multiple stores/shopping: 14 miles north at Athens, TX & 15 miles south at Palestine, TX
• Hospitals: there are two newer hospitals with helicopter pads, one is 14 miles and the other is 17 miles
• Excellent 4-lane highway to Dallas/Fort Worth
• 80 Miles to Dallas and 160 miles to Houston (Houston is nearly straight south)
• Equine veterinarian is at the end of my private driveway, another equine clinic is 14 miles north at Athens
• Driveway is 1/3 of a mile long, provides privacy and solitude
• There is an excellent rural water system that provides clean safe water
• I purchased an oversized water meter and put in 2,000 lf of 1.5” PVC pipe, water pressure & volume are very good
• 10 Concrete water tanks (210 gallons/1200#) are in the pastures with underground lines to each, all water controls are in an underground box located near the main barn
• There are two cell towers within two miles, consequently excellent cell phone service

• Total of 131.667 Acres, 53.31 Hectares
• The pastures are all organic coastal Bermuda grass, great for grazing, 2-2.5 Acres will feed a horse, there are large scattered oak trees throughout the countryside
• The soil was treated with live microorganisms twice in 2007 and twice in 2008, the soil is now naturally healthy, as a result of the treatments… Pastures and hay field are all organic, 90% of the flies are eliminated due to the treatments and the soil holds extra moisture
• 8 Primary pastures; 4 on each side of the property that have 16 foot wide fence lanes leading to 2 barns, consequently horses come to “their barn stalls” for grain without being haltered
• There are 4 stallion pastures connected to the stud barn with four 12×16 ft stalls
• The soil is sandy loam without rocks, perfect for horses
• There are 4 ponds on the land that always have water
• Beautiful rolling terrain that gives the horses excellent exercise, especially great for foals
• Facilities all built on top of a major hill (can see 2 to 7 miles in all directions from the main barn), most of the horses are visible in their pastures from the hilltop
• The hill provides excellent summer breezes that makes the temperature cooler and reduces insects

• Everything was built new in 2007 (driveway, electricity, water system, buildings, fencing)
• The fencing will last 100 years with the type of materials used and installation methods
• Water is piped underground to concrete water tanks in 8 pastures, barns and shop
• The barns are quality built, ceilings are insulated, windows are low E double pane, 5 stalls located in the front barn are 12x12ft &12x16ft, 12 stalls in the mare motel are 14x16ft, 4 stalls in the stud barn are 12x16ft
• The fully insulated shop is 50x75ft, 12x14ft roll-up doors to permit a semi load of hay to drive through, there is an area inside the shop that is heated & air conditioned, kitchen and bathroom/shower for living quarters
• Veterinary room is in the front barn, it has a bathroom/shower, heated & air conditioned, 26 cubic ft refrigerator/freezer, this room is pictured on this posting
• There is a double set of veterinary stocks in the front barn, with floor drain and hot and cold water
• Included: adjustable breeding phantom for semen collection, located in the front barn near the teasing area, stocks and vet room

***Approximately 25-30 straight Egyptian Arabian horses (subject to prior sales), seller will retain 12 to 15 horses
***Horse equipment and supplies (halters/leads, vet supplies, medicines, forks, shovels, vet stocks, incubator, etc.)
***4wd john Deere tractor/JD loader/6ft bucket & bale forks (will lift 2,000+#), 15ft batwing mower, trailers, post auger, etc.

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